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Welcome to the UTNAGE Family Tree!
(pronounced yute´ nage; like the Ute Indians or yout´ nage; like "me and you")

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My Starting Point
born: 1824 (?) in Austria
married: 1863 in Jackson County, IL
died: 9 Jul 1878 in Benton, Scott, MO
buried: on the farm
Emily Maria HODGKISS
born: Dec 1845 in Jackson County, IL
died: 24 Apr 1912 in Commerce, Scott County, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetery
parents: Thomas HODGKISS & Eve LIVELY
child #1

Joseph C. UTNAGE
born: 3 Dec 1864 in Jackson County, IL
died: 13 Sep 1959 Bakersfield, Kern, CA
married: 27 Dec 1884 in Scott, MO
spouse: Hariot Eliza HAWKINS

child #2

born: 22 Feb 1868
died: 1869/1870
Baby Maria is not listed as a child on the 1870 census. Therefore, I can only assume that she passed away before the census was taken.
child #3

Wilchem Fidelis UTNAGE
born: 15 Aug 1869 in Moreland Twp, Scott, MO
died: 11 Nov 1938 Moreland Township, Scott, MO
married: 14 Jul 1893 Scott County, MO
spouse: Lougenia (Lulu) MORROW

child #4

Franciskus Bernard UTNAGE
born: 15 Aug 1869 in Moreland Tnp, Scott, MO
died: 12 Mar 1914 in Cairo, Alexander, IL
married: Engaged when died
spouse: ?
child #5

born: 11 Nov 1873 in Moreland Tnp, Scott, MO
died: 13 Jun 1942 in St. Louis City, MO
married: 10 Nov 1890 in Benton, Scott County, MO
spouse: Nona McINTOSH
child #6

Gregor Herman UTENAGE
born: 12 Mar 1875 in Moreland Tnp, Scott, MO
died: 04 Aug 1964 Benton, Scott County, MO
married: 20 Jul 1895 Benton, Scott County, MO
spouse: Queen (Mary Etta) MORROW

It was originally thought that Joseph JUDNITZ came to America from Austria sometime in the 1850s by himself. But after doing this research for many years, and the fact that more and more states are making information available every day, I have now come to believe that Joseph Judnitz had been in America longer than that. I have also discovered records in Colorado and several other places of other persons with the last name Judnitz. Because Emily was about 20 years younger than Joseph when they got married, it is very possible that she was his second wife. It is also possible that she was his first wife and he just married late in life. That would mean that he possibly came over here with other family memebers. They may have married and kept the last name of Judnitz. But until more records are available online or I hit the lottery and can retire and do this fulltime, there is just no way for me to find out for sure at this time.

I have always assumed that Joseph came into America on the east coast (probably New York or Boston). I have since learned that he could have come through Canada or Philadelphia or Virginia or North Carolina or Louisiana. It is a fairly safe assumption to believe that Joseph was in Chicago. While searching the social security death index, I discovered a Catherine Judnitz who died in Chicago in 1980. She was 95 years old. She worked as a telephone operator for the phone company. She had no siblings that I could find. I still have not found her on any census records, but that doesn't mean she wasn't there. She was never married and died of breast cancer. Her father was Jacob Judnitz and her mother was Anna Plut. Catherine applied for her social security card at the age of 79. No idea why she would apply for it at such a late age.

I don´t know exactly when Joseph made it into Jackson County, IL. But I do know he married Emily Maria HODGKISS (also goes by Emma or Mary) in 1863 in Jackson County Illinois and her family was living there in 1860.

Emily was the daughter of Thomas HODGKISS (from Ireland) and Eve LIVELY.

Joseph and Maria had 6 children:  Joseph, Maria, Wilchem (William) L. & Franciskus (Frank) B. (twins), Johan (John), and Gregor (George) Hermann. This information comes from their family bible and is written partially in German. Joseph JUDNITZ wrote all of their birthdates in the bible. Since he only wrote 6 names in the bible and the census records only ever proved the existence of the 5 male children, it is logical to conclude that Josephe and Maria only had 6 children together.

I am unclear as to why the oldest child, Joseph, did not have the bible. It could be that the bible was passed on to the the last surviving child, which was Gregor Herman Judnitz (George Herman Utenage). All I know is what my grandpa told me when he gave me the bible. He said that his grandpa (George Herman Utenage) gave the bible to his oldest son, Reece Utnage before he died. Reece gave it to his oldest son, Herbert George Utnage (my grandpa), before he died. When grandpa saw that I had taken a deep interest in our family genealogy, he skipped my dad and gave me the bible. I was also his oldest grandchild. Grandpa told me that I should be the one to have it because he knew that I would take care of it. Honestly, I am not sure who should have it or where it should go when I die. The bible is in bad shape. Sometime before my grandpa got it, the bible suffered some water damage. It is just over 150 years old, wrapped in tissue paper, inside a cigar box, and in my safety deposit box. At some point, it has to be determined as to where the bible will go from here and I do not feel right about making that decision alone.

Sometime before August 1869, the family moved from Jackson County Illinois to Scott County Missouri. I found them living in the Moreland Township of Benton in Scott County Missouri on the 1870 census. Joseph Judnitz is at the bottom of the first page. He is 46 years old, a farmer, and was born in Austria. Maria (listed as Mary) and the first three boys are listed at the top of the second page. Mary is 26 and Joseph, Jr. is 5 - both of them were born in Illinois. The twins, William and Francis, are listed as being 9 months old and were born in Missouri. That would mean that they took part in the census in May 1870, even though the enumeration date at the top of the page is not until July. As you can see, little baby Maria is not listed as one of their children. I have yet to find any other information on baby Maria. At this point it is unclear as to whether she was born and died in Illinois. Or if she was born in Illinois and died in Missouri.

The name after Francis Judnitz is Frank Hotchkiss (Hodgkiss). This is Mary´s younger brother. It is unclear why he is now living with them. I can only assume that something has happened to Mary´s parents and the rest of her siblings. I did find another family tree on the Ancestry website that lists several of her siblings as dying in 1860. However, I have found nothing to explain or validate that information, so I cannot include it in my records.

By the time the 1880 census is taken, Joseph senior has passed away. He died on 9 Jul 1878. His burial is written in the family bible, but it is badly faded and water damaged making it difficult to read. Their last name was changed from JUDNITZ to UTNAGE sometime before Joseph passed away, even though they still use JUDNITZ on the 1880 census. His date of death was recorded in the family bible as Joseph Utnage. Mary is now living in the Commerce Township of Scott County Missouri with her 5 sons. Joseph junior is 16 and is working as a laborer. All of the boys list their father as having been born in Hungary, instead of Austria. Mary is listed as Emma Judnitz (34), and has put down that her father was born in Scotland, rather than Ireland. There are no census records for the 1890 census in Missouri. Around 95% of the 1990 census records for the entire country burned in a fire.

Emily Maria UTNAGE

After Joseph´s death, Maria re-married. She married William Ashley in 1885. By this time, Maria had started going by Emily. The 1900 census shows Emily Ashley married to William Ashley. They are living in the Moreland Township of Scott County Missouri. The census also includes the month and year of birth, as well as, the number of years each couple has been married. Emily lists that she has given birth to 8 children, but only 5 are living. This is the only proof I have ever found of the total number of children she has birthed. I think Emily and William had two children, but I have only ever been able to find proof of one. A daughter named Emily Ashley was born in 1886 and died in 1888. Her information was also in the family bible. There is no record of the second child in the bible. I have no idea if that child was born before or after baby Emily.

The 1910 census finds Emily as a widow, living as a "companion" with the Eldridge family. I´m not sure if the Eldridge family has any relation to Emily or not. I have never found any connection. Emily passes away a little over a month after her son Frank B. Utnage is killed in a powder plant explosion.

William ASHLEY
born: Mar 1849 in Missouri
married: 2 Aug 1885 in Scott, MO
died: before 1910 in Scott County, MO
buried: in Missouri
born: Dec 1845 in Jackson County, Illinois
married: 2 Aug 1885 in Scott, MO
died: 24 Apr 1912 in Commerce, Scott, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetary in Benton, Scott, MO
child #1

born: 11 Oct 1886 in Scott County Missouri
died: 15 Oct 1888 in Scott County Missouri
buried: ?
child #2

Baby Ashley (?)
born: ?
died: ?
buried: ?


In 1900, Frank is found living with a family in the Moreland Township of Scott County. His relationship to the head of the family is listed as a servant. However, his occupation is a farm laborer. He puts down that both of his parents were born in Germany and that he cannot read or write.

The 1910 census has Frank now living as a boarder with a family in the Village of Fayville, in Alexander County, Illinois. He puts down on this census that both of his parents were born in Missouri. He can now read and write. His occupation is listed as a laborer at a powder plant. The head of the household where Frank is staying has given his occupation as being a bookkeeper at the powder plant. I believe he was still living in Missouri, but staying in Illinois during the week while he was working.

There is a very interesting story that was passed down by William and Lou´s daughter, Lillie. Lillie loved her uncle Frank. Frank ate dinner at their house almost every night that he was home. Before dinner, he would always play with the kids. Not sure if Frank was living with his brother William, or just lived really close. William would take Frank across the river in a row boat every week to work. The powder plant where Frank worked was in Fayville, Illinois, across the Mississippi river from Commerce, Missouri. William was constantly trying to get Frank to quit working there because it was so dangerous. Finally, one Monday morning on the way across the river, Frank told William that he would quit. He said he would work that week. Friday would be his last day. Later that week, on Thursday, there was an explosion at the plant. Frank and one other man were seriously injured. They were transported down to a hospital in southern Illinois on a special, emergency run of the train. Frank died several hours after reaching the hospital. Sometime that evening, before the kids knew that Frank had been one of the men injured in the explosion, they were outside playing and heard their uncle Frank calling them to come in for dinner. They all loved Frank and ran to the house to see him. It was only after they got there, that they found out that Frank was not there. Lillie told this story to her kids many times. One of her younger girls, Edna Lee Kneezle, told this story to me and and my cousin Janet about 1996. Edna also told us that her mother had said that Frank was engaged to be married at the time of his death. Unfortunately, she no longer remembered the name of the woman he was engaged to wed. Here are two articles from The Daily Republican, March 1914 that cover the story of the explosion.

I am in the process of constructing a series of pedigree charts that show my ancestral heritage. I am also trying to put together a chart of some kind that shows all of the decendents of Joseph and Maria JUDNITZ. As I get that information put up, I will add the links to each person. If you click on a link that does not work, please email me with the page you were on and a description of the link that is not working.

If you want to start keeping your own genealogy records, here are some forms to help get you started. Feel free to copy the Family Group Sheet (PDF) or Pedigree Chart (PDF). There is also a very good genealogy resourse site called Cyndi´s List where you can find thousands of links and online resources. I have also included links to blank copies of all the census record forms: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 part 1, 1940 part 2.

Please note that I will NOT knowingly put up any information about persons who are still living. If I cannot find information about a person´s death and the time passed since their birth is less than 80 years, then I will only list them as "Male" or "Female". This site is purely for informational purposes and not for the use of anyone trying to locate persons who are still living.

Please send any corrections, additions, modifications, suggestions, comments, or questions to:
Suzanne Utnage
505 Forest Drive
Collinsville, IL 62234