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Family of Eura Asie UTNAGE.
(Seventh child of Joseph C. UTNAGE & Eliza Harriet HAWKINS)
Eura Asie UTNAGE
born: 27 Apr 1906 Vanduser, Scott, MO
married: about 1921
died: 09 Nov 1988 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
buried: Old Morley Cemetery, Morley, Scott, MO
Sophia BROWN
born: 14 Jun 1901 IL
died: Mar 1978 St. Louis City, MO
parents: Daniel C. BROWN & Rhoda Elizabeth MURPHY
child #1

Eugene Acie UTNAGE
born: 11 Feb 1922 Vanduser, Scott, MO
died: Feb 1972 Kimmswick, Jefferson, MO
married: 1944-46 IL, 1946-58 AR, 1958-72 TX
spouse: Evelyn SANDERS, Phyllis KOHN, Phyllis Louise HEDRICK
child #2

Joseph Daniel UTNAGE
born: 04 Jun 1925 Vanduser Scott, MO
died: 14 Jul 1976 MO
married: 14 Aug 1945, St. Louis City, MO
spouse: Carmen Edna HEDRICK
child #3

Harriet Elizabeth UTNAGE
born: about 1927 Vanduser Scott, MO
child #4

Willard William UTNAGE
born: 07 Dec 1928 Vanduser Scott, MO
died: 08 Feb 1980 St. Louis City, MO
child #5

Billy Joe UTNAGE
born: about 1935 Vanduser Scott, MO
child #6

Jeanette UTNAGE
born: about 1938 Vanduser Scott, MO

Social Security Application - Eura Asie Utnage applied for this while living in Vanduser on 21 Jan 1938. Both parents names are listed on application, as well as, his address, and the name of his employer (if he is employed at the time).

1930 Census
Eura and Sophia are living in Morley Township of Vanduser in Scott County Missouri. Eura has put down that he is 26 years old and got married when he was 20. Since Eura´s birthdate is April 27, 1906, the oldest he could have been at the time of this census was 23 years old. Eura and Sophia´s oldest child is Eugene Acie Utnage, who is listed as being 6 years old. That would roughly mean he was born in 1924 or 1925. However, Eugene´s birthdate is 11 Feb 1922. Which means in February of 1930, Eugene would have turned 8 years old. It is hard to say at this point if they were just in a rush and put down what came to mind, or if they intentionally put down incorrect information. Sophia puts down that she was 17 at the time of her first marriage, which does work out. She was born in June 1901 and gave birth to her first child in 1919. Lucille is her daughter from the previous marriage. Lucille is 9 years old at the time of this census, which would mean she was born in about 1921. Their other children are Joseph D. (4), Harriet E. (3), and Willard W. (1 year & 3 months). Rhoda Brown is listed as Eura´s mother-in-law. Lyman Brown is Eura´s brother-in-law. This made it real easy to figure out that Sophia´s maiden name was Brown. Eura and Lyman are the only ones in the house working - as laborers doing odd jobs.

1940 Census
They are still living in the Morley Township of Vanduser in Scott County Missouri. The in-laws are no longer living with them. Eura has now given Lucille (18) his last name. She is no longer listed as Lucille Heflin and he puts down that she is his daughter, instead of his step-daughter. I'm pretty sure no adoption occurred. It just got done. The other children are Eugene (17), J.D. (16), Elizabeth (13), Willard (11), Billy Joe (5), and Jeanette (2). Eura is now a laborer doing road construction, quite possibley for a WPA project. Eugene is working as a cook, but I cannot make out where he is working.

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