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Family of George Herman UTENAGE.
(Sixth child of Joseph JUDNITZ & Emily HODGKISS)
George Herman UTENAGE
born: 12 Mar 1875 in Benton, Scott County, MO
married: 20 Jul 1895 in Benton, Scott County, MO
died: 04 Aug 1964 Benton, Scott, MO
buried: Unity Cemetery, Benton, Scott, MO
Queen (Mary Etta) MORROW
born: 07 Oct 1877 New Madrid, Scott, MO
died: 13 Mar 1956 Benton, Scott, MO
buried: Unity Cemetery, Benton, Scott, MO
parents: James R. MORROW
child #1

Reece Herbert UTNAGE
born: 27 Jan 1898 Blodgett, Scott, MO
died: May 1976 St. Louis City, MO
married: 27 Nov 1915 Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Maud McCORMICK
child #2

born: 1901 Blodgett, Scott, MO
died: ??
married: 14 Nov 1917 in Blodgett, Scott, MO
spouse: Marion RILEY
child #3

Pearl Catharine UTENAGE
born: 1904 Blodgett, Scott, MO
died: ??
married: 12 May 1918 in Blodgett, Scott, MO
spouse: Charles Floyd HUMPHREY
child #4

Earl Seferd UTENAGE
born: 11 May 1909 Blodgett, Scott, MO
died: 10 Feb 1989 St. Louis City, MO
married: 20 Jul 1937 Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Irene Marie INMAN
child #5

May Florence UTENAGE
born: 18 Mar 1911 in Morley, Scott, MO
died: 02 May 1997 in Brighton, Macoupin, IL
married: 14 Jul 1956 in Chaffee, Scott, MO
spouse: Robert J. ELSON
child #6

born: about 1915 in Morley, Scott, MO
died: ??
married: 10 Aug 1940 in Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Benny TERRY

On their marriage license it states that George is under the age of 21 and Mary Etta is under the age of 18. But it only states that their parents gave consent for the marriage. This time it does not give any of their parents names. George is 20 and Mary Etta is about 3 months shy of her 18th birthday. Mary Etta is the younger half sister of Lougenia Morrow who married George´s older brother, William.

1900 Census
George and Mary are living in Blodgett Village in Scott County. They have one son, Reece, who is 2 years old. (This is my great-grandpa.) The spaces that ask for the number of births and the number of children still living have been left blank. So there is no way to tell if Reece is the only child she has given birth to or not. George is listed as a farmer and they rent their house.

1910 Census
By 1910, they have moved to Morley (Moreland Township). They are still renting their farm. George is listed as a general farmer, while Reece is listed as working on the home farm. Mary has given birth to 5 children, but only 4 of them are still living. I have not yet found the grave of this child. Until I do, there is no way to know when the child was born and died. There is also no way to know if it was a girl or a boy. The four children currently living with them are: Reece (12), Cora (9), Pearl (6), and Earl (11 months). George registered for the WWI draft on September 12, 1918.

1920 Census
Family is still renting a house in Morley. Reece, Cora, and Pearl have all gotten married. There are 3 children left in the house: Earl (11), May (8) and Mabel (5). George is a general farmer and is listed as an employer. He has put down that both of his parents were born in Missouri, instead of Austria and Illinois. Mary has also put down that both of her parents were born in Missouri, even though on an earlier census she listed them as both being born in Kentucky.

1930 Census
By 1930, Earl and May have moved out. Earl is married and living in Illinois. May is not yet married. Mabel (15) is the only one left at home. There is also an 11 year old grand-daughter living with them. Her name is Hazel Riley. She is the daughter of Cora and Marion Riley. They now own their farm and it is valued at $1200. George is now listed as being 60 years old and a laborer at the lumber mill. Not sure why he put that age down, since he is actully 55 years old.

1940 Census
They are living in the Moreland township of Scott county. George is 65 and Mary is 62 years old. Mabel is now 25 and still living at home. George is now a carpenter in building construction. The column that shows the highest grade completed is left blank for George. Mary put down first grade, and Mabel only went through the sixth grade.

George & Mary Etta Utenage taken some time in the 1940s.

14 Jul 1956 - Wedding Picture
This picture was taken at the wedding of May Florence Utenage and Robert James Elson in Benton, Scott, MO. Mary Etta had alreay passed away. My grandpa was given a copy of the original photo. By the time he showed it to me (mid 1990s), he could not remember everyone´s names. I put the strip of paper across the bottom of the picture so I would remember what he told me. Sometime after the wedding, George went to live with May and Robert.

14 Jul 1956 - Wedding Picture, Revised
Through much research and digging, I have discovered exactly who all of the people in the photograph are. I have updated the strip across the bottom with correct names and spellings. The only one I cannot find any information on is Cora. I know that she was married twice - in 1917 she married Marion Riley and had a daughter, Hazel Vera Riley; then in 1940 she married James Elmer Moore. But I have not yet found any information on anyone named Hensley. If I do, I will update the photo.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, 07 Mar 1964, Page 3
First column on left, under the picture. George Utenage was admitted to St. Joseph´s Hospital in Highland, IL. States he is from Marine, IL.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, 13 Mar 1964, Page 5
First column on left, close to bottom of page. George Utenage of Marine, IL is released from St. Joseph´s Hospital in Highland, IL.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, 16 Mar 1964, Page 6
Sixth column, third of the way down. George Utenage, father of Mrs. Mae Elson, suffered a heart attack and was taken to Highland hospital.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, 18 Mar 1964, Page 10
Seventh column, under Hospital News headline, George Utenage was released from Highland Hospital.

During the course of Janet and I researching our family, we heard several times from several different people about how Lougenia was the nicest, sweetest woman. Everyone loved her. On the flipside of that, we heard from a few people about how Mary was one of the meanest people, ever. Mary was my great-great-grandma, my grandpa´s grandmother. On a few different occaisions, my grandpa did tell me that he remembered her to be quite mean. He also said she chewed tobacco. She chewed it so often that it eventually ate a hole through her cheek. GROSS!!! Sad to know that 2 sisters could turn out to be such very different people. But then, we all have family members that are not the nicest folks in the group.

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