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Family of Girtha E. UTNAGE
(First child of Joseph C. UTNAGE & Eliza Harriet HAWKINS
Myron Earl (DJ) JONES
born: 1879 in Indiana
married: 19 Apr 1904 in Scott County, MO
died: 1933 in Nevada City, Vernon, MO
buried: Newton Burial Park in Nevada, Vernon, MO
Girtha E. UTNAGE
born: 23 Sep 1885 Benton, Scott County, MO
married: 19 Apr 1904 in Scott, MO
died: 10 May 1924 Nevada City, Vernon, MO
buried: Old Morley Cemetary, Morley, Scott, MO
child #1

Stanton A. JONES
born: about 1906 in Scott County Missouri
died: ??
married: ??
spouse: ??
child #2

Elsworth JONES
born: about 1919
died: ??
married: ??
spouse: ??

1910 Census
I found Girthy and Earl living in the Deerfield township of Vernon County, MO in the 1910 census. They have one son, Stanton A. Jones, age 4. Both Earl and his parents were all born in Indiana. Girthy has only given birth to one child. Earl is a carpenter working for someone else. They own the farm with no mortgage.

1920 Census
In 1920 they are now living in the Center Township of Nevada City in Vernon County. Either they have moved or the name of the township/city changed. Stanton is now 14 years old and still an only child. It is possible there were other children, but there is no way to know until I check out the cemetaries in Vernon County. Looks like they still own their farm, so I´m thinking the name of the town changed. Earl is still a carpenter, but now works for himself.

1930 Census
Girthy passed away in 1924. On the 1930 census, Earl is now re-married to a woman named Lydia. I looked for their marriage license, but could not find it. There is also another son listed, Elsworth, age 11. Which means either he was Lydia´s son from a previous marriage OR Girthy gave birth to him shortly after the 1920 census was taken. If the latter was the case, it would make sense that Earl would want to marry someone fairly quickly in order to have a wife to take care of his young son. Elsworth would have been about 4 or 5 when Girthy passed away. Right now, my guess is that Elsworth is Girthy´s son.

1940 Census
Myron Earl Jones passed away in 1933. I found Lydia still living there with her son, Arthor who is age 21 - this would be about the same age as Elsworth. Not sure if his name is Elsworth Arthor or Arthor Elsworth.

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