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Family of Joseph C. UTNAGE
(First child of Joseph JUDNITZ & Emily HODGKISS)
Joseph C. UTNAGE
born: 3 Dec 1864 in Jackson County, IL
married: 27 Dec 1884 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 13 Sep 1959 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA
buried: Old Morley Cemetary, Morley, Scott, MO
Eliza Harriet HAWKINS
born: 26 Dec 1867 in Jackson County, IL
died: 25 Dec 1932 in Vanduser, Scott, MO
buried: 27 Dec 1932 in Old Morley Cemetary, Morley, Scott, MO
Parents: Mr. HAWKINS and Miss SMITH
child #1

Girtha E. UTNAGE
born: 23 Sep 1885 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 10 May 1924 Nevada City, Vernon, MO
married: 19 Apr 1904 in Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Myron Earl JONES
child #2

Henry Mathenia UTNAGE
born: 24 Apr 1888 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 25 Aug 1945 in Morley, Scott, MO
married: 05 Feb 1912 in Scott, MO
spouse: Eva Lena WOODWARD
child #3

William G. UTNAGE
born: 28 May 1889 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 26 Aug 1889 in Benton, Scott, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetery, Scott, MO
child #4

born: 12 Nov 1890 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 29 Dec 1890 in Benton, Scott, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetery, Scott, MO
child #5

Joseph Ray UTNAGE
born: 11 Aug 1893 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 01 May 1959 in Advance, Stoddard, MO
married: 25 Dec 1922 in Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Harriet A. "Hattie" SLOSS
child #6

born: 19 Jul 1898 in Benton, Scott, MO
died: 23 Mar 1903 in Benton, Scott, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetery, Scott, MO

child #7

Eura Asie UTNAGE
born: 27 Apr 1906 in Vanduser, Scott, MO
died: 09 Nov 1988 in Los Angeles, LA County, CA
spouse: Sophia BROWN HEFLIN
child #8

Ola Catherine UTNAGE
born: 04 Apr 1908 in Vanduser, Scott, MO
died: 28 Mar 1972 in Bakersfield, Kern, CA
married: 24 Aug 1926 in Benton, Scott, MO
spouse: Claude LEE, Roy E. MOORE

By now you might have noticed that the birthdate of Eliza I have listed is different than the birthdate engraved on her headstone. That is because on their marriage licesnse, it is stated that Eliza is under the age of 18. Since the got their marriage liense the day after her birthday, I can only presume that she was 16 or 17 at that time. Eliza´s uncle, Jacob A. Smith, had to give his permission for her to marry Joseph. It is also written on there that her uncle is giving permission because she has "no father, mother, or guardian". If she had been 18 years old, then her uncle would not have had to be present or give his permission for the marriage to take place. Also on her death certificate, Joseph lists her date of birth as being 26 December 1867. Because of the page from the family bible, I know that Joseph was born on the third of December in 1864. They got their license 24 days after he turned 20, but the record of their licesnse says he is over the age of 21, which I know is not true.

The 1900 census is the first census I could find Joseph and Eliza on. They are living in the Moreland Township of Scott County, MO. and have four children living with them: Girthy, Henry, Ray, and Jewel. Joseph lists the birthplace of both of his parents as being Illinois. This census also includes the month and year of each persons birth. Eliza puts down that she has given birth to 6 children, butn only 4 are still living. This information, along with the wedding dates of Joseph´s brothers was instrumental in figuring out that Willie G. and Beulah were both the children of Joseph and Eliza. Sometimes the parents names or initials are added to the headstone, but not always.

On the 1910, they are living in the Morley Township of Crowder Village in Scott County. Girthy is no longer listed with them. Since I found her later, I know that she is now married. Henry and Joseph R. are still living with them. Joseph R. was called Ray on the 1900 census. Little Jewel is no longer with them. They now have 2 more children, Eura A. (Asie) and Ola C. (Catherine). Eliza had now listed that she has given birth to 8 children and only 5 of them are still living.

In 1920, Joseph and his family are still living in the Morley Township. Henry is no longer listed as living with him. However, the very next family on the census record is Henry and his wife and chidren. Joseph has put down that his father was from Austria and that he spoke German. Eliza is listed as being 4 years younger than Joseph, now. I think they knew back then that if they could not remember something at the time the census was being taken, they could just guess and it would be OK. It never ceases to amaze me at the number of descrepencies that can be found associated with just one person.

On the 1930 census, Joseph and Eliza are now living in what appears to be the Como Township of New Madrid County, Missouri. Their daughter Catherine, age 21, is listed as married and her last name is now LEE. Her daughter, Lyndell LEE, age 3, is also living with them. Catherine has put down that she was married at the age of 16. Lyndell is listed as being her son, rather than her daughter. However, Lindell Lee is mentioned in one of the articles below.

The 1940 census shows Joseph as a widower and only shows 13 year old grand-daughter, Lindell Lee, as living with him. They are now living in the Oran Township of Scott County.

From 1945 through 1959, I found a series of articles in various local newspapers that mention Joseph C. Utnage. At some point he changed his middle initial from C to R, but it is still the same person. Here is a list of the newspapers:

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