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Family of William F. UTNAGE.
(Third child of Joseph JUDNITZ & Emily HODGKISS)
William Fidelis UTNAGE
born: 15 Aug 1869 in Benton, Scott County, MO
married: 14 Jul 1893 in Benton, Scott County, MO
died: 11 Nov 1938 in Moreland, Scott County, MO
buried: Pollard Cemetery, Benton, Scott, MO
Lougenia (Lulu) MORROW
born: 12 Jan 1874
died: 03 Nov 1963
buried: Unity Cemetery, Benton, Scott, MO
parents: James R. MORROW
child #1

Lillie Mae UTNAGE
born: 27 Nov 1893 in Benton, Scott County, MO
died: 15 Aug 1931 in Benton, Scott County, MO
married: 03 Jan 1913 in Benton, Scott County, MO
spouse: John Robert KNEEZLE
child #2

Luther William UTNAGE
born: 05 Jan 1895 in Benton, Scott County, MO
died: 13 Dec 1959
married: 14 Dec 1921 in Benton, Scott County, MO
spouse: Celes DOLLMAN
child #3

Birthie E. UTNAGE
born: 20 May 1901 in Benton, Scott County, MO
died: 24 Jul 1901 in Benton, Scott County, MO
buried: Jul 1901 in Pollard Cemetary, Scott County, MO

The first census I found William and Lougenia on was the 1900 census. They were living in the Moreland Township of Scott County. They have 2 children and Lougenia has put down that she gave birth to 2 children and both of them are still living at the time the census was taken. William owns his farm free of a mortgage. His nephew, James Smith (age 13), lives with them also. James Smith is probably the son of one of Lougenia´s sisters.

By the time the 1910 census is taken, the family is still living in the Moreland Township. However, the newphew James Smith is no longer living with him. Maybe he is now married, or still single, but out on his own. Now there is another child living with them, Chester Morrow. Chester´s relationship to the head of the household is listed as being an adopted boy. He is only a year old. Lougenia is now going by "Lulu" and she has put down that she has given birth to 3 children, but only 2 of them are still living.

The 1920 census shows the family still has their farm in Moreland Township, but now they have a mortgage on it. Their daugther, Lillie Mae has already gotten married. Luther is still single at 25 years of age. And the adopted boy, Chester Morrow is no longer living with them. Not sure who Chester is now living with, but I do know he grows up and gets married.

The 1930 census was very difficult to find. I had to be very creative with the spelling of "Utnage". I tried several different things before I finally found it using the spelling of U-T-A-G-E. It turned out that this particular page of the census actually holds 4 different families related to my search. Near the top is George and Mary Utnage, Earl Utnage and his wife, and Lillie Mae and Robert Kneezle. Everyone of the the Utnage family´s had their last name transcribed differently. George´s name was transcribed as U-T-N-I-N-G. Earl´s last name was transcribed as U-L-E-I-N-G. The Kneezle name was transcribed as K-N-U-Z-H. It is so time consuming to search and search and search and never find what you are looking for. So when you finally do find it, the feeling is awesome!! The family is still living in the Moreland Township. They still own the farm. All of their children have now left home.

On the 1940 census, Lougenia is now a widow. Her son, Luther is divorced and living with her. She also has 3 of her grandsons living with her. The oldest 2 of her 3 grandsons are mechanics who work in a garage. I have yet to find any information on when or where Lougenia passes away. I am pretty sure she passes away on the farm, but I´m not sure where she is buried at since her and William do not have joining headstones like the other brothers and their wives have. When I find it, I will update this page with the information.

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